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monitoring in less than a minute

So you either just joined or are interested in learning more about how to set up your account. WELCOME!

With monitoring services, you can start monitoring the health of your website with a setup time of less than one minute. There's no learning curve, no software to install and no technical experience needed. Our default setup process is all you need to:

  • Start getting notifications when webpages are changed
  • Know when webpages have broken links and/or images
  • Know when your customers are experiencing issues
  • Resolution tracking with history
  • Weekly insights into how your website is performing

You'll be prompted with the following screen after you signup and verify your email address.

website monitoring setup

On the setup dialog prompt, you'll want to enter your homepage URL to monitor and your company's name. The next step is to click the “confirm” button to continue.

And just like that, you're done. Your homepage is now being monitored and includes all of our monitoring services. You will receive real-time alerts and weekly insightsb> into the health of your webpage.

Do you want to add an additional webpages to monitor, no problem!

From your dashboard click on the "Add Monitor/monitor another webpage" link to get the below dialog prompt,

website monitoring setup

From the above prompt, enter a short description of the webpage being monitored, for example, blog, product page, signup. Then enter the webpage URL (use https if available) and click save.

What happens behind the scenes is that we default to the most common settings to monitor your webpages. However, if you want to create a more customized solution for your needs, then click on "Edit Monitor" from the "Menu" drop-down list.

edit website monitors

You will now see the edit monitor screen where you can edit your settings and view advanced features. Learn more about editing monitor settings, customizing monitors, and advanced features.


Monitoring the health of your website is that simple with Signup today for our 14-day free trial and try out all of our features.

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